Riga Airport

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In transit between Helsinki and Bern. Grey day outside. Riga has a small but functional airport. Found a nice cafe with a spare power socket. Free wifi but it keeps showing adverts every second minute.

Air Baltic seem like the Ryanair of Northern Europe. Sneaky charges for checking in and a couple of staff who have horrible customer service skills. Can’t forget that horrible woman in at the check-in in Vilnius airport that I dealt with a couple of years ago. It was by far the worst checkin experience I have had so far.


New version of Flickr App

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New version of Flickr iOS App copies Instagram.

Marissa Mayer is taking action on revitalising Yahoo with this update to the Flickr App. Is it soon enough? Let’s see but the app looks good!

Unlike Instagram, Flickr provides support for Twitter, in addition to Facebook, Tumblr, and email.

Smart move in expanding the reach of the to as many other portals as possible.


Bern, Finland, Helsinki, Switzerland

I haven’t really had much time to update this log for a while. This was primarily due to moving from Switzerland to Finland including renting an unfurnished apartment which was a first for me. Now that everything is settled you can count in more updates, photos and links.