Why McLeish has to go


Aston Villa fans were right: Alex McLeish and club do not go together | Stuart James | Football | guardian.co.uk

Extraordinary not because McLeish came from Villa’s rivals, Birmingham City. Extraordinary because McLeish had just suffered his second relegation with Birmingham in three Premier League seasons. And extraordinary because he is synonymous with a brand of football that, to borrow the former Villa manager Graham Taylor’s recent description, “looks [like] you are preparing a side not to lose”.

Value of Opinion

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Seth Godin on the value of opinion and what disqualifies someone from their opinion being valued. Read it, it’s a great post!

If these two standards sound like precisely the opposite of what gets you on talk radio or active in anonymous chat rooms, you’re right. Running your business or your campaign or your non-profit or your sports team based on what you hear on talk radio is nuts.

Photos from the Bosnian War

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It’s remarkable to think that it’s 20 years since the Bosnian War started. The war of my generation. The photos that Time has produced also has the stories from the photographers who took them. It’s really interesting to read all of the stories and so many memories of the conflict also come back.

The Guardian’s Maggie O’Kane also features today recounting her experiences. Link to video here.
It’s incredible to think that there was so much passivity in allowing the conflict to go on for so long. Will the same thing be said about what is happening in Syria currently?