Bright blue icy Friday afternoon – Helsinki, Finland – 05 February 2021

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Bright blue icy Friday afternoon – Helsinki, Finland – 05 February 2021

I love those frosty bright sunny afternoons in the nordic. The colours seem so much more vibrant! More so than the summer. Perhaps it’s the contrast with the stark white of the snow against the bright blue of the sky. I haven’t seen that level of blueness since I visited Greece in 2014.

I love using the Panasonic LX15 /LX10 as I can use the camera with gloves on. Trying to use a phone in -15C to take photos is very difficult.

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TIL – Where the term logbook came from.

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From Neil Kakkar

The log is an interesting invention. It began with 16th-century ships – surrounded with water, no land in sight, no sense of direction, and no sense of speed. What did you have to compare your speed with anyway?

The sailors were ingenious. They used a log – a real piece of wood – attached to a string. They’d throw it in the water and use it to measure speed.

Then they’d track this speed over time, in a logbook.

That’s the origin story of log books, now known as logs.

On Wikipedia, I also learned about the origin of the term knot as a speed metric.

Social distancing queue – Lahti, Finland – 27 June 2020

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The penultimate day of the road trip around southern Finland. First visit to Lahti and impressed by the vivality of the city. The weather is hot, maybe too hot. But summer is so brief up north that its imperative to take full advantage.