Automatic geotagging of photos

Photography, Tech

DP Review reports that a new geotagging device that adds geotagging to photos taken while carrying it around. I have thought about adding geotagging to my photos but every solution that I have considered takes some effort. This would be very nice to sync with Google Maps on my fotolog site.

The pocket-sized receiver keeps track of where you go and, so long as you’ve synchronized your camera with the clock on the Photo Finder, will match up your photos with where you were when you took them. Inserting an SD, SDHC, MMC or Memory Stick PRO Duo card allows the device to embed this location information into the EXIF metadata of the images on the card.

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CRM, Tech

Interesting concept behind Metalink3 as the substitute for Siebel Supportweb. Instead of designated contacts for an account with all users within that account using one of the designated user accounts, now each user will have their own account and they will be granted access to an account. This will provide Oracle with a more detailed view of their application user base including what projects individual consultants work on. It seems likely that end clients will be more diligent about adding and removing access to users rather than the past practice of changing the password everytime that someone left a project. It seems that finally Oracle/Siebel is interested in practicing CRM on it’s own customers and consultants.

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Man wins damages for theft of wife

Thought Provoking

Amazing story

When Sandra Valentine divorced her husband, Johnny, and married the man who had fathered her child during an affair, it had every appearance of another unremarkable tale of marital breakdown.

But when Johnny hit back and sued his rival Jerry Fitch for a six-figure sum, the Mississippi love triangle took on an altogether different dimension. And when he won in a verdict upheld by the state supreme court, he was suddenly richer to the tune of £750,000.

opening up the eee pc

Tech, Web

Just read this great article
from the Download Squad about enabling full desktop mode on the eee pc. I was initially looking at installing mysql, php and apache and using it for web development and came across the website. Very easy to understand for someone who has never used linux before but it gives me an appetite to really dig in and discover what this baby has to offer.

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Only two years left

Thought Provoking

From the eternally interesting Seth Godin comes an inspirational and original post.

Here’s a question that you should clip out and tape to your bathroom mirror. It might save you some angst 15 years from now. The question is, What did you do back when interest rates were at their lowest in 50 years, crime was close to zero, great employees were looking for good jobs, computers made product development and marketing easier than ever, and there was almost no competition for good news about great ideas?

Many people will have to answer that question by saying, “I spent my time waiting, whining, worrying, and wishing.” Because that’s what seems to be going around these days. Fortunately, though, not everyone will have to confess to having made such a bad choice.

The best bit comes near the end.

You get to make a choice. You can remake that choice every day, in fact. It’s never too late to choose optimism, to choose action, to choose excellence. The best thing is that it only takes a moment — just one second — to decide.

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Thoughts on the eee


I’ve had the eee pc about a month now and I thought I would post some thoughts about how I have found it. The short view is that it does everything that I need in a portable laptop. The keyboard is great and is comfortable for me to type on (I used to be able to touch-type on the Psion 5mx series after some practice). It is small but not small enough to fit into a jacket pocket the 5mx was. It is very light and every application that you need to be productive is included. One big flaw with the model I have is that there is a socket for a modem but a rubber block has been inserted to indicate that the model is disabled. When I go home, dial-up is a necessity and this is a major setback. I used it yesterday to phone home using skype and just used the microphone and speakers that come with it. The call quality was good on my side and while my Mum said that the quality was not as good as a phone call, it was still great quality. At work, almost everybody in the office has been over drooling over it and they almost all said that they were going to buy one when it became available in Germany in the new year. Watching youtube videos is a bit difficult, there is no iTunes, of course, for Linux and no wbloggar type application but on the whole, I highly recommend it.

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