Stock Slump


Many news sources are reporting that stocks are slumping for a second day on the back of the Shanghai index losing 8.8% of its value on Tuesday. However, looking at the web page of the Shanghai stock exchange, the index seems to be up by almost 4% on Wedesday. Is there a negative news bias on economic issues this week?

Update – According to the FT, bloggers seem to think that China was not the cause of the mass sell-off.

Trader Mike seconds that, and runs through the charts. “The selling was broad-based today [Tuesday] — 89% of Nasdaq stocks were down and 84% of NYSE stocks declined….I’ve said before that this move higher felt like a game of musical chairs and today the music seems to have stopped for real. There’s a whole lot of technical damage in the indices. All the indices crashed through their 50-day moving averages today.”

Company Relationship – Before and After


From Creating Passionate Users

It’s been said that the secret to a good marriage is… don’t change. In other words, be the person you were when you were merely dating. Don’t stop paying attention. Don’t stop being kind. Don’t gain 50 pounds. Don’t stop flirting. Stay passionate, stay sexy, stay caring. Answer their calls. Unfortunately, too many companies are all candle-lit dinners, fine wine, and “let’s talk about you” until the deal is sealed. Once they have you (i.e. you became a paying customer), you realize you got a bait-and-switch relationship.

How to upsell anything and other sexy business tips.


Found a truly enlightening and dynamic site, Trizoko (nice name) with great writing and clearly expressing dynamic solutions to business (and sometimes personal) issues. It’s a keeper.

So Simple, Yet So Rare

If we could pull a number out from our behind, we’d say not more than 1 out of 5,000 companies actually focus on solution selling.


1. leaving lots, and lots of money on the table
2. leaving customers needs unfulfilled
3. destroying their true-badass potential

If you’re looking to increase your sales after a purchase, do this shizzle:

1. Understand what need your product fulfilled.
2. Seek ways to fulfill that need even further.
3. Congratulate-yo-self.

You just doubled-tripled-quadrupled-blabupled your sales, and made your customer super-duper-oh-my-mutha-gosh happier with your business.

To start upselling:
Fulfill sexy needs — further.

or how about

How to Rock Your Business

1. Set a goal.
2. List the means to get there.
3. Focus on those means.

You’ll amplify your chances to rock the world.
Form = Sexy.

The Bridge


While listening to The Observer film podcast, the end interview with a director called Eric Steele jumped to my attention. He has made a documentary film about sucide jumpers from the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Basically, they placed cameras watching the bridge over one year watching what occured there. It seems like the most fascinating idea for a documentary and one that I am looking forward to seeing in an eerie way. There is interesting discussion and review of the film on Metroblogging.

Then, the first suicide — the entire theater gasped when an average looking guy hopped up on the orange railing, sat for a minute, and loped off to splash into the water. Next, they interviewed local kite surfers who were there in the water below at that minute, and their mental process around realization, then action, and living with what they saw and how they reacted. Because this film was ultimately just as much about the people surviving (as in those left behind), as it was about the people who killed themselves. A lot of questions were raised, some were not answered. Parents talked about knowing it would happen; then we see the son leap and sail down into the water like a toy. The more the parents and friends spoke, it was easy to see that everyone in the film is really doing the best they can to live with all these unanswered questions. But I think perhaps the biggest unanswered question is why, when they filmed for a continuous year, did only two bystanders lift a finger to stop someone from jumping.