3 years since the Utøya attack. Survivor does AMA on Reddit

Thought Provoking

It’s hard to believe that it’s three years since the attach on Utøya by Breivik already. I remember watching the news reports from a hotel room in Paris.

Today on Reddit, there is a fascinating AMA (Ask Me Anything) with one of the survivors of the attack. Very interesting questions and answers about the event and the aftermath.
The top rated one is the following:

[–]theinternetaddict 872 points 10 hours ago
What is one thing about this whole event that will stick with you the most?
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[–]Lordofseagulls[S] 2664 points 9 hours ago
There was this one girl I got to know. The day before the attack she told me about her older sister who died before she was born. She told me that her purpose in life was to live the life for her sister. She died the next day.