Nice result for Ireland last night although there was so many chances for both sides during the game, I wonder how useful an exercise it was. When the game was at 4-0, I thought it would be funny if there was a repeat of the incident in the Sweden – Denmark game where a supporter came on and tried to hit the referee. The match was abandoned and the score set at 3-0. If a supporter did something similar, they would have improved on the final result. At the end of the game, I saw that they played in a different stadium to the Sweden game with a big running track around the pitch. Anyone trying to get onto the pitch would have a difficult task in getting onto the pitch.

Hermit returns from exile after mistakenly believing he had HIV

Thought Provoking

The intriguing story of an Italian man who became a hermit in the woods after thinking that he was diagnosed with HIV.

Alberto Zabbialini dropped into an internet cafe on Sunday and did what millions do at their computers every day, idly keying his name into a search engine. But the 28-year-old mechanic had more reason than most to be curious after he had fled his home three months earlier in a suicidal mood to carve out a hermit’s life on berries and river water in the Ligurian woods, driven by the belief he had contracted HIV

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