Why Germany is the patent litigation centre in Europe

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Interesting article from the New York Times about why so many patent disputes are being fought out in German courts.

Joachim Henkel, a professor of management at the Technical University of Munich, said big international companies were often seeking to exploit the German system for strategic advantage.

Mr. Henkel said the prominent patent and intellectual property disputes in the mobile phone sector, which have also involved courts in Asia, Britain and the United States, were bogging down cutting-edge companies in court.

“All of these infringement cases in Germany, Europe, the United States and Asia are having a hampering effect on innovation globally,” Mr. Henkel said. “Usually, what masquerades as a patent dispute is in actuality a dispute motivated by business strategy.”

The process has turned the German patent courts in Mannheim, Düsseldorf and Munich into some of the most overworked in Europe.

There is no risk for bringing a patent action as the article states.

Unlike the German patent system, the American system gives judges the option of awarding proportionate damages instead of granting outright injunctions that ban sales of disputed products in cases where “irreparable harm” cannot be demonstrated.

In Germany, if a court determines that a company legally holds a patent, it can issue an injunction to ban competing uses if asked.

There is no option of granting proportional monetary damages.

CRM doing well in the downturn

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CRM market doing well in the downturn according to All Things D. No mention of Siebel/Oracle though…..

He notes that Microsoft’s customer relationship management product, Dynamics, is showing up in the small-business end of the marketplace, though it’s seen as “short on user interface and features.”

And even though there was little sign of any large deals closing, Keirstead writes that the chance of Salesforce ending the quarter with billings up by about 30 percent is “promising.”

Another good indicator: The results of German software giant SAP, a key Salesforce rival, which on Tuesday reported solid numbers that defied the economic conventional wisdom.

Samsung EX2F First Impressions Review – DigitalCamerainfo.com

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The more I hear about the EX2F, the more I like it. Low-light performance is a major factor in what I look for in a compact camera. Here is one of the first reviews that I have seen.

The Samsung EX2F is a premium compact camera from Samsung, with one big feature stamped right on the front: 1.4. Remember that number, because it sets the EX2F apart from just about every other compact camera on the market (as of this writing). 1.4, or more specifically, f/1.4, is the size of the camera’s aperture, the opening in the lens that allows light through when you take a photo. The smaller the number, the bigger the aperture; the bigger the aperture, the better your photos are in low light and the more blurred the scene behind your subject looks.


Samsung EX2F First Impressions Review – DigitalCamerainfo.com

36 Hours in Helsinki, Finland – NYTimes.com

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36 Hours in Helsinki, Finland – NYTimes.com Some ideas for new places to check out this weekend….

This sounds interesting!

10 p.m.

Head to the Korjaamo Culture Factory (Toolonkatu 51a-b; 358-20-741-7000), a former depot that’s traded trams for bands and token-takers for joke-makers. This cultural hub now hosts performances from stand-up comedians, klezmer ensembles, R&B groups, local D.J.’s and swing-style big bands. The sprawling complex also houses a modest art gallery and a cool pub that’s open until 2 a.m. on weekends. Beforehand, tune up for the night by paying tribute to Finland’s most famous composer at the nearby Sibelius monument, which resembles a fusion of birch trees and organ pipes.


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Snapsort is a site I have just discovered. Since I had a crash last week, my Canon S95 is damaged beyond repair. In the same week, the Samsung EX2F has been announced and from the specs, seems like an incredible camera. The problem is that I need a carry-around camera particularly for low-light situations where the iPhone 4S camera just does not perform very well. So I was looking for something that was cheaper and would serve as a backup camera after I get the EX2F when it’s available (or the LX6/LX7?). After digging around amazon and dpreview, I saw the great reviews for the IXUS 220 (or the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 H for North American readers)  I found the snapsort site and put in some comparisons.

Here is the comparison between the Canon IXUS 220 IS versus the Powershot S95

Surprising? 😉

Time to get that 220 IS before the weekend!