Networking for job hunting.

Thought Provoking

Business Insider has a nice article on how information on facebook can possible hurt your job hunt. What was more interesting was the highlighting of how much more important linkedin (and others like xing) are for looking for new opportunities. Remember facebook is social, linkedin professional.

LinkedIn Gets Top Marks

This is how recruiters are using social media, according to the survey.

  • LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media tool, with 74% of recruiters saying they use it to find candidates.
  • About half of recruiters use LinkedIn to check up on candidates’ professional backgrounds
  • Some 21% of recruiters use LinkedIn to research candidates’ networks.
  • Candidates like LinkedIn too. As one says, “The lack of photos of people puking or wearing dumb costumes at some Really Great Party helps keep the professionalism up.”
  • Facebook is used by about 11% of recruiters to get a handle on candidates’ reputation
  • Twitter is a distant third, with only 3% of recruiters saying they use it
Keep the Racy Photos and Posts Private

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