Munich is the world’s most liveable city.

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According to an article in the International Herald Tribune Munich is, in the opinion of the magazine Monocle, the world’s most liveable city. It cites

“There’s a certain Italian ambience here,” says Uschi Schnitzer, a 35-year-old event manager, putting down her book on a sunny afternoon in a café in Schwabing, one of the city’s liveliest areas. “In winter you’ve got the mountains and in summer the cafés, beer gardens and lakes. What else do you need?”


Serial Killers

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I’ve just finished A Death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger and saw Zodiac in the cinema last week. Both are set around the same time, 60’s and 70’s about serial killers who were never completely identified although both pieces tend to point to an individual as being responsible for each spree. Both works are by respected and talented individuals but in both cases I was left not being completely satisfied with either.

10 Most


Andre Gunther lists the ten most common photographic mistakes and explains how to eliminate them with some good examples.

A “photographer” took a photo of a group and noticed that the flash hadn’t fired. He put the camera in his pocket with the comment “I’ll photoshop it later”.
There are so many things wrong with this (read my post if you want to know more), but even if he could solve all his problems with Adobe Photoshop (he would at least get increased noise levels), he would need to spend a lot of time on the photo.
Taking a second shot with the flash enabled would only take a few seconds. So if you think a photo didn’t come out right and if you have the chance, always take another one (but don’t delete the first – see 4, someone might have their eyes closed in the new one or there might be some other reason the previous shot turns out better).
Photoshop is an invaluable tool for photographers (I even wrote some Photoshop Tutorials myself); however, it is not a remedy for everything and you cannot turn bad photos into good ones with Photoshop alone.
I am a technical (computer) geek and we used to say, Garbage in – Garbage out. The same applies to Photoshop.

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I picked up a book in the English second hand bookshop a couple of weeks ago. Diane Arbus: A Biography is a haunting book about her search for images as an artist, how she strived to expand her view of the world by her journey into the most unexplored parts of New York and how her being as an artist affected her personal life. I’m less than half-way through it but it’s captivating. I’m not sure if I really understand her vision but I will look at her work again when I’m finished and see if the view is different.