iOS 6

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I have read all of the negative reviews of the maps feature of iOS 6. One of the apps that I use frequently is RettiGPS, an app that can tell which bus, train or metro to take to reach a particular destination in Helsinki. For some walking parts, Google Maps is really useful in finding a path to the nearest stop. On the other hand, IOS 5.1.1 did introduce the issue where my speakers and HDMI cable no longer worked with my iPhone 4S and that would be nice to have that active again. Better to wait and see if any other issues come up before upgrading the OS.

Nokia 920 PureView Lowlight performance

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The most disappointing aspect of shooting photographs on the iPhone 4S is the dismal low light performance. This article from Petapixel piqued my interest about how the lowlight performance of the new Nokia 920 ranked against other cameras.

In order to back up its claim that PureView low light performance is “unbeatable”, Nokia set up a “photo challenge” booth at its launch party and invited passers-by to pit their cameraphones against the Lumia 920. The challenge involved shooting a photograph of a still life setup stuffed inside a dark cubby hole in a brick wall.

One sample comparison shows the performance is clearly impressive.

Nokia 920 sample

Competitor Sample Image

This makes me think there may be a reason to switch to Nokia during my next phone upgrade.