Many mobile phone applications spying on you


It seems that many mobile phone applications for both the Apple and Android platforms secretly extract data from the phone. Usually, I breeze through those warnings on my HTC Tattoo. Time to re-evaluate what I’ve installed.

Lookout Inc., a mobile-phone security firm, scanned nearly 300,000 free applications for Apple Inc.‘s iPhone and phones built around Google Inc.‘s Android software. It found that many of them secretly pull sensitive data off users’ phones and ship them off to third parties without notification.

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I see the successor to the Panasonic LX3 has been announced, the LX5. More details of which can be found on the main photo review sites ( for example). The new features don’t seem to justify an upgrade for someone who already owns an LX3. What was particularly disappointing was the fact that the lens cap is still detached from the camera. I will be very interested in the successor to the Canon S90 if it arrives in the near future.