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Flexslider looks really cool! I need to add it to one of my sites on the welcome page.

Smashing Magazine gives the lowdown.

The plugin includes fade and slide animations, customizable options as well as all the navigation options you would expect in such a plugin — touch gestures inclusive! It uses simple, semantic markup to create the slider and is lightweight, weighing only 5 Kb (minified). The plugin has been tested in Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10+, and IE7+. iOS and Android devices are supported as well. In three simple steps, you can have a fully responsive slider for your responsive design.

Tracking down your stolen camera

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PopPhoto reports about a new site GadgetTrack that tracks if your stolen camera has uploaded images to flickr or 500px

John Heller was on assignment for Getty Images at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, when his Nikon D3 and lenses were stolen, but it wasn’t until a substantial amount of time later that he searched for the camera’s serial number on GadgetTrak’s service, which has indexed all the serials embedded on images from 500px and Flickr from 2006 onwards. With a positive hit on a couple of photos on Flickr, the police were able to track the camera down to a photographer, who bought it not knowing its origins — and even had a receipt for the transaction.

Tech Stocks Tanking


All Things Digital describe the effects of the market meltdown on tech stocks, especially the profitable ones.

Apple, down 5.5 percent today and 11 percent in the last five days.

Google, down 5.7 percent today and 10 percent in the last five days.

Microsoft, down 4.7 percent today and 10.2 percent in the last five days.

EBay, down eight percent today and 18.4 percent in the last five days.

Amazon, down 4.4 percent today and 12.9 percent in the last five days.

Yahoo, down 5.5 percent today and 15.3 percent in the last five days. (Special note: Yahoo’s shares dove below $11 a share in after-hours trading, closing in on its late 2008 low of $9.39 and making it an even tastier takeover bait.)

AOL, down 6.5 percent today and 11 percent in the last five days. (These are also historic lows for the Internet company, which reports its second-quarter earnings tomorrow.)

Demand Media, down 9.7 percent and 17.6 percent in the last five days. (The online content company will also be reporting its Q2 results tomorrow — Demand’s stock is off 63.1 percent since its January IPO.)

Pandora, down 7.6 percent today and 17.2 percent in the last five days.

 And, worst of all, LinkedIn, down 17.4 percent today and 27.5 percent in the last five days.