Install PHP 5 on Windows

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I’ve just spent the evening upgrading my local copy of Apache and PHP to versions 2.1 and 5.1 respectively. (Yeah, I know, I’m a real party animal). Anyway, it took just a couple of hours thanks to a great online tutorial by Edward Tanguay. It takes everything step by step, explaining each option that needs to be done in order to get your local webserver running php pages locally. Check out the comments for any unforeseen errors.

How to Shoot Impromptu Street Portraits

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From Photojojo comes this handy and funny tutorial on shotting impromptu street portraits.

This weekend, spend some time outdoors, explore a new neighborhood, hone your portrait-taking skills, make strangers smile, and walk away with some amazing photographs.

Sound good? Then we’ve got the perfect photo project for you!

Armed with a camera and a few simple tools, you too can conquer the art of the impromptu street portrait. Find out how in this simple tutorial by our friend Youngna.

An example of one shoot can be found here.

Originally found at CNET

You Must Help

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From The Guardian

The text message was short and to the point: “My name is Mohammed Sokor, writing to you from Dagahaley refugee camp in Dadaab. Dear Sir, there is an alarming issue here. People are given too few kilogrammes of food. You must help.”

The arrival of that text made two worlds collide. The sender was a refugee in a drought-plagued camp in Kenya. The recipient was sitting in the London office of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), in the comfort of the industrialised world where hunger and poverty are a distant problem.

In terms of sheer initiative, Mohammed’s direct appeal has to be a first. Using nothing more extravagant than a mobile phone he showed that the gulf between the “haves” and the “have-nots” is much smaller than many of us would imagine. He shattered the stereotypical image of the faceless anonymous victim of yet another African disaster and gave a voice and a name to the tragedy unfolding in the Horn of Africa.

This part of the article makes me wonder about the use of those $100 laptops that are being developed for the developing world. Mobile phones are an easier, more useful device than a laptop will ever be in countries with a poorly developed infrastructure.

It may seem strange that someone so short of food can afford a mobile phone but one of the great ironies of modern Africa is that mobile phones are necessities, not luxuries. They are often cheap and used far more widely than most would imagine. For traders they are the primary tool of commerce, and for the many millions – like Mohammed – who make up the African diaspora, they are the thread that binds scattered communities together.

Unexpected Context

Thought Provoking

Creating Passionate Users has has an eye-catching article on the power of using unexpected context.

One way to delight users is with the guy-in-the-unexpected-context phenomenon. You know the story: you take the same train to work every day. One Saturday afternoon you’re in a cafe when you spot a familiar face at the next table. “Hey, it’s the guy from the train!” you think, with a smile. Then the guy from the train notices you, and his eyes light up. You start a lively conversation moving from weather to espresso to geopolitical forces. You exchange URLs.

The thing is, you took the train with this guy for the last 18 months and never gave him a moment’s thought…until you saw him at the cafe.

That’s the power of unexpected context.

World Cup Remote

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Just a few hours to go before the big kick-off and I see this little gadget that fits the occasion nicely for watching the games at home. Gadget blog describes how the control’s buttons are laid-out to appear like two teams formed on the pitch before kick-off. It says that it costs €10 + VAT in Italy and comes with a battery power indictor and the killer feature is the beer bottle opener at the bottom. It just leaves me wondering where the ref is?