Highly Creative Self-Portraits


My Modern Metropolis features some interesting self-portraits from a guy called Pierre Beteille. It certainly gives some inspiration of what can be done with this format.

I conceive photography like painting. The camera is just one of the tools. Photoshop allows me to create my images. So the first and main part of the process is not taking a picture but finding an idea… the idea always comes first and then I seek the best way to achieve it, and I know exactly what I want to get before shooting. My inspiration is the human being. Its absurdity, its irrationality, its pettiness in everyday life. Inspiration can come therefore from politics or religion, life and death, as well as food, television and all our daily behaviors.

I generally try to make images that offer several levels of reading. We first see something and a detail gives another interpretation …and multiple interpretations are possible according to the beholder… And I also try to make people smile!

Check out the site for more interesting photographs and the rest of the interview.