Some things take time to get used to but always try something new constantly


A year ago, I got myself a midi keyboard. I was always a huge electronic music fan and had always wanted to try some things out in that space. I came across it as I was searching for a Christmas present for one of my goddaughters. After I had gotten it and given it to her, I wanted one for myself.

Then came the process of experimenting, watching loads of YouTube videos and of course, taking long breaks. With me, it’s an iterative long process learning something new and going through peaks and troughs of enthusiasm.
But now I’ve made a breakthrough in terms of learning music theory and chords and scales. It’s the combination of watching the deconstruction videos on YouTube and using Beatmaker on the iPad and then iterating back to the Arturia Minilab. There isn’t anything that is any good so far but now I can see possibilities instead of searching around in the dark.
So my humble advice is to play around and enjoy the peaks and take breaks in the troughs of enthusiasm for learning something new. It’s the journey that is fun.

Here is the link