Margin Call – still a hell of a film


Binging a lot of Amazon Prime video stuff before my membership expires in a few days. Didn’t realize how many great shows are on there.Bridget & Eamonn (really funny if you know 1980s Ireland)
Faking it (early 2000s reality show, photographers still using film)
And then there is Margin Call, fantastic cast, great script, intelligent filmmaking. I would love to watch more films like that to show the world of business in a way that the public can understand. Like the way Jeremy Irons character tells Zachary Quinto to explain the financial problem as if he were telling it to a small child or dog. Another aspect was that the main actor from the Netflix show You plays a junior analyst in the film.
One other show I rewatched was Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations show about his visit to Helsinki in winter. I’m not such a big foodie but that episode is still really enjoyable to this day.
Okay, I need to stop watching so much great shows and films but that’s my recommendations for today.