14 May 1985 – 30 years ago

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The first photographs I took were on a school trip to Connemara in 1985. I just noticed that it was exactly 30 years ago today that we started the trip.

14 May 1985

Climbing one of the Twelve Bens on the first day of the trip. To say that we were unprepared would be an understatement!


Chris point the way to an unimpressed Chris. John looks nonplussed.



The wind and rain was quite brutal. Unfortunately, we were nowhere near the top at this point.


This was the top of the mountain. Now looking relieved to a downward stroll.






Engaging in some spiritual reflection on the way down.

15 May 1985

Ben Lettery Youth Hostel




Nice weather on the one day that we didn’t climb any mountains.



Patrick posing at the Alcock and Brown memorial



16 May 1985


Ben Lettery Youth Hostel



The final photo after an exhausing and we climb on the last day of the trip.

3 thoughts on “14 May 1985 – 30 years ago

  1. Great stuff Paul – glad you have these memories and are able to celebrate the anniversary!

  2. Well done to you Paul…where oh where did you get the photographs from? 30 years ago…maybe it’s time to have a go climbing that hill again this summer? Surely we would not be so unlucky with the weather this time 🙂 burnt sausages and beans, multiple copies of ‘Born in the USA’, hitching to roundstone, wet feet…but despite them all and unforgettable experience. Thanks also to a teacher who took the time to help us make these memories.

  3. Thanks Henry!
    Thanks Chris! I just go through a digitisation process oif scanning all the old photos and try to have as much information about them as possible. Now I’m uploading them all to flickr which makes the tracking of my library that much easier. Ah, yes that walk to Roundstone and never getting a lift. I should have brought another roll of film!

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