The requested URL /elgg/action/systemsettings/install was not found on this server.


I just heard about elgg when I was thinking of adding some social networking features to a website I maintain. Fortunately, it has recently released version 1.0. The version without the bugs right? The first issue I came to was that my local versions of MySQL and PHP were out of date so I downloaded the latest versions and installed them onto the machine.
Great, now it was allowing me to perform the install and I came to the first settings page. Filled in the appropriate values and hit return. Then the message “The requested URL /elgg/action/systemsettings/install was not found on this server.” came up. WTF?
Back searching on the elgg google group and the the elgg troubleshooting page. Tried changing the .htaccess page and the apache httpd.conf file. Nothing changed. Tried everything suggested and nothing has changed. Now I’m just bored and going to leave elgg until version 1.1.

11 thoughts on “The requested URL /elgg/action/systemsettings/install was not found on this server.

  1. I tried your suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. When I loaded that section into the httpd.conf file under apache, the following message appeared.

    Elgg error: Apache does not have mod_rewrite loaded. Please check your Apache setup.

  2. By installing mod_rewrite you mean to uncomment the following line in my httpd.conf file?
    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

    When I do so, the apache service cannot restart.

  3. Same problem here … And same thoughts about waiting and wtf … ^^ My Problem is that I’m using a foreign Apache-Server, I can’t configure it as I want it to …. :-/

  4. uncomment
    #RewriteBase /sites/elgg/
    in the .htaccess,
    and change /sites/elgg/ to correct value.

  5. I had the same problem. I added the “AllowOverride All” to my virtual host definition in the “Directory” section, restarted the apache and all was Ok.

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