Siebel 8 Tools


It seems that in the latest version of Siebel Tools, some much needed improvements for developers have been implemented and let’s face, have been long overdue. The interface uses a tabbed UI where workflows, scripts and applets can be kept in context and accessed in the same way as Firefox works. One of the most irritating aspects of developing workflows in earlier versions was that the context of the workflow was lost each time you wanted to reference a script or fields on an integration object. That meant querying again for the workflow and bringing it back. Of course, if another reference lookup was required context again was lost. Think of it like using one instance of Internet Explorer and then using Firefox. it’s a vastly improved interface in my opinion.
The problem of workflow simulation working on a haphazard basis has also been improved. I think that in three weeks, I have only encountered the “Workflow Finished” message twice.
Referencing scripts was a bit better but it meant using the Windows menu item each time. Scripting has also been improved with the addition of auto-complete. For example, using ActivateField now prompts with a list of fields from the BusComp. This reduces lookups and spelling errors.
The only question is why did it take them so long to implement those changes that provide so much productivity gains for devleopers. Could it be that it is the first full release done under Oracle?