Thoughts on the eee


I’ve had the eee pc about a month now and I thought I would post some thoughts about how I have found it. The short view is that it does everything that I need in a portable laptop. The keyboard is great and is comfortable for me to type on (I used to be able to touch-type on the Psion 5mx series after some practice). It is small but not small enough to fit into a jacket pocket the 5mx was. It is very light and every application that you need to be productive is included. One big flaw with the model I have is that there is a socket for a modem but a rubber block has been inserted to indicate that the model is disabled. When I go home, dial-up is a necessity and this is a major setback. I used it yesterday to phone home using skype and just used the microphone and speakers that come with it. The call quality was good on my side and while my Mum said that the quality was not as good as a phone call, it was still great quality. At work, almost everybody in the office has been over drooling over it and they almost all said that they were going to buy one when it became available in Germany in the new year. Watching youtube videos is a bit difficult, there is no iTunes, of course, for Linux and no wbloggar type application but on the whole, I highly recommend it.

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