KLM launches all-in fares


Another airline decides to pursue the supremely sane option of including all-in fares on it’s offers page. Well, it’s there for flights from the Netherlands but not included on their offers from Sweden yet. One thing that I didn’t know before is that this is a requirement for a new Code of Conduct for Travel Offers.

Update – It seems to be only applicable for the Netherlands for the moment. Let’s hope it extends as far as possible.

KLM is introducing this change in accordance with the new Code of Conduct for Travel Offers, which requires the travel industry to include taxes and surcharges in the prices quoted for all flights starting from 1 April 2007. The KLM fares themselves remain the same. In addition, all KLM fares will always refer to return flights. This will allow you to know at a glance how much your ticket will cost, every time.

The only expense that will still be charged separately is reservation costs. The Code of Conduct for Travel Offers specifies that all unavoidable costs must be included – in other words, costs over which the customer has no choice.

Reservation costs, on the other hand, are different depending on where you book your ticket – via Internet, travel agent or phone. Here you have a choice and can influence how much you pay. Booking online via klm.nl costs ten euro per ticket, for example.