Xdrive is back – No thanks


So I see from CNet News that Xdrive, the online storage company is back and offering 5Gb for free. My advice is to steer well clear of this baby. I had a free account during Xdrive’s first incarnation in 2001 thinking it could be cool to store many of the documents that I need before the era of large usb keys. I went on a round the world trip in early 2002 and in the middle of the trip, I got an email from Xdrive notifying me that they were closing down their service and gave me a short period to retrieve my files. Of course, that wasn’t possible when I was in the middle of my trip so my online files disappeared and I felt quite bitter about it afterwards because I lost access to some important documents. The bottom line is that I now use either my trusty usb stick or my yahoo briefcase account to store anything important where I need to remotely access them.