Travelocity disables flexible-search option for international flights

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I was looking around for some flights in September and went to my usual source which was travelocity’s flexible search option. However, it seemed to have disappeared. I did a search and found the followingarticle from smarter travel.
In essence, because international airlines have started to screw around with various add-on prices, travelocity’s flight listings did not comply with some US government department regulations. What is the solution? As far as I can see either or both of the following options

  • travelocity should allows it’s non-US websites to use this feature as it does not have to adhere to this regulation
  • some regulation forcing airlines to quote all-in prices

After yesterday’s events, perhaps airports in general should be avoided for a while.

One thought on “Travelocity disables flexible-search option for international flights

  1. Well this is very distressing as I have lived on that website to purchase tickets and monitor fares for years. I hope it is soon sorted. I have no desire towaint in travel agents officers for information. Add my name to list of disgruntled people.

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