Why doesn’t @UPS use up to date technology?

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I have received one UPS package and am currently waiting for two more. After these arrive, I will not be using any supplier that uses UPS.


There is no range of when a package will be delivered. While waiting all day and 3 hours yesterday for UPS to arrive, it is impossible to leave as they can arrive at any time. I called the UPS office, they don’t even know the location of where their trucks are or where the location of a particular package is. The information that the operator had was the same that was on their website. That meant the location of the package is only updated daily.

This is not acceptable in an age of location tracking and smartphones. The service offered by the post office is better. If I’m not at home, a package is left at the nearest post office where I can collect it at a suitable time.

It’s time that UPS (and if other delivery services if they operate on a similar model) to come into the 21st century. They might not have lost a customer today who will insist on suppliers not using them from now on.