All I Do


Have you ever had a song that you couldn’t name? I was at a jazz soul concert in Tallinn months ago and the band played one song that I had known before but hadn’t known the artist of the name of the song. At the time I took a short video of the song but couldn’t make out the lyrics or the name of the song. I lacked the foresight to go up to the band and ask the name of the song at the time. It was only when I was reviewing the photos and videos from the trip that I came across the song again and listened to the video .

I listened to the lyrics and thought they sounded in the following order:

Loving without you

Living without you

Then again, it was sung by non-English native speakers but I thought such a great song couldn’t be that hidden. Could it? I searched Youtube, spotify, 7digital, Amazon but with no result.

Until tonight.

While finding an old Stevie Wonder song, I found that he released a kind of Greatest Hits package in 2000.  - At The Close Of A Century

I went through various songs until I found it. The song that I had been searching for. All I Do.

Spotify Link

Stevie Wonder – All I Do



You’re welcome. 😉