My iPAQ just died


That was the second one but I don’t think I will be buying another. I liked the fact that it was pocketable but the lack of a keyboard was ultimately too annoying to be really loved. Not since the Psion 5mx of the 1990’s have I used a machine that was both pocketable and had a tiny keyboard that I was able to touch-type on after a little adjustment and training. It seems that I am not the only to have missed it. On many forums that address the topics of Ultra Mobile Notebooks, netbooks, MIDs or PDAs, there is a constant chatter of users who long for an updated device that could match the ergonomics or the Psions or the Journada. Why don’t designers at Asus or Dell or HP listen to that demand?
That was the reason for the initial success of the first eee pc from Asus but it didn’t go far enough. It’s still too big. But, with the curent choices of what is available on the market, the newer version with the longer lasting battery maybe the best choice.