How to upsell anything and other sexy business tips.


Found a truly enlightening and dynamic site, Trizoko (nice name) with great writing and clearly expressing dynamic solutions to business (and sometimes personal) issues. It’s a keeper.

So Simple, Yet So Rare

If we could pull a number out from our behind, we’d say not more than 1 out of 5,000 companies actually focus on solution selling.


1. leaving lots, and lots of money on the table
2. leaving customers needs unfulfilled
3. destroying their true-badass potential

If you’re looking to increase your sales after a purchase, do this shizzle:

1. Understand what need your product fulfilled.
2. Seek ways to fulfill that need even further.
3. Congratulate-yo-self.

You just doubled-tripled-quadrupled-blabupled your sales, and made your customer super-duper-oh-my-mutha-gosh happier with your business.

To start upselling:
Fulfill sexy needs — further.

or how about

How to Rock Your Business

1. Set a goal.
2. List the means to get there.
3. Focus on those means.

You’ll amplify your chances to rock the world.
Form = Sexy.