New Consoles – What’s the point?


With all of the recent hoo-haa about the release of new consoles from Sony and Nintendo, I remembered getting a PSP last year for my birthday not long after it was released. Since that time, it has been left largely unused because simply, the quality of games available has not been great. In fact, I have only just bought a game that feels as fun as Final Fantasy on PS2 or Goldeneye on the old Nintendo console and am now using it every day. Now I see that Final Fantasy is due to come out in 2007 and the review of FIFA 2007 makes it likely that I will get both in the not too distant future. But, I would wait a year before getting the console for Sony or Nintendo and get an XBox 360 or a PS2 instead. PS2 consoles costs around 100 Euro currently and those consoles will drop in price as products bed down.
It’s all about the games, stupid.